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Remote Access

Organisations in all fields of industry are embracing the possibilities offered by remote access to the corporate network. By giving users the freedom to work from practically any location in the world, it becomes possible to visit clients or work from home with full access to the network resources. By using remote facilities, the organisation can also ensure it complies with data protection legislation by restricting the amount of data that is transferred out of the network. The security policies of the organisation will be fully applied at each session, and the security and updates are managed by the central network team. As soon as a user leaves the organisation, their access can be immedaitely disabled without any loss of sensitive data.

Remote Desktop Gateway

Remote Desktop Gateway deployments are simple and cheap to install. Organisations can grant users the right to access specific machines in the organisation, or create a virual environment for them to access network resources.

Direct Access / Always on VPN

Direct Access or Always on VPN that Microsoft has included in Windows 10 operating systems, allows your faculty members with portable devices to have a permenant connection to your network. There is no need for the user to connect any VPN’s or remember any additional passwords. They simply logon to the laptop as normal and will be connected as if they were sat at their desk.

VPN Connections

Our recommended VPN solutions can create point to point tunnels between branch offices, giving you the same reliable connection as if you were at the main site. Using these technologies allows the organisation to purchase cheaper internet circuits, and avoid the excessive costs of dedicated leased lines.

Remote App

Remote App technologies can make your day-to-day IT systems more manageable. Rather than having complex deployment systems and installing programs on specific devices, programs are published from a central server farm. Users with the appropriate permission can then access the app environment from any device once they have successfully logged in. Remote App can also help save money by running resources on your server infrastructure. This means your desktop workstations don’t need to be replaced as often. We also support thin client VDI depoyments, which means cheap devices can be purchased for the end users, with all the computing power taking place on your server infrastructure.

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