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Apple technologies, thanks in part to the huge success of the iPhone and iPad, are becoming an increasingly big part of IT infrastructure’s around the world. Whether you are a small business, or a large school, Macs are finding themselves in every corner of industry. The fundamental differences between Mac and Windows devices, indeed what makes them so appealing to the end user, can cause headaches for the most experience IT managers. The devices, designed primarily for the home-user, don’t always like to “play nice” with other manufacturers hardware.

At The Little IT Company, we are experts in Apple technologies and have been supporting them in large scale deployments for 5 years. We can help make sure you hit the ground running with a fresh install or reconfigure an existing one to make sure it meets your needs. As Apple Certified experts, we have all the insider tricks and knowledge you will need to save your IT team countless hours of time.

We also offer a range of other services…

Active Directory Integrated Devices

Apple devices were once so difficult to integrate into Windows networks, that those achieving such a feat referred to it as a “magic triangle” network. Thankfully, as the years have gone on, Apple has added new management technologies to help make this process a little easier.

We can help make sure your devices connect properly to your active directory network, ensuring single sign on. This can be extremely helpful when accessing shared printers and files for example. Having this single point of management also means you only need one user account to access any machine on the network.

Remote Mac Management

We can manage your Macs remotely and provide telephone support to your existing teams if you require. We also have the capacity to provide on-site assistance where requested.

Mac Imaging

Using our custom images, we can make sure your Mac has all the software you will need to get going. Our modified profiles also help to streamline the process and improve the overall user experience.

iOS Device Management

There is an array of paid for solutions, that offer a range of management options for iOS devices. We have used a few over the years, so know the ups and downs of each one. We are also experts at Profile Manager deployment, having successfully managed an instance with 300 devices for other 4 years. This has the added benefit of being a single one-off purchase and can manage as many devices as you can afford. Over the long term, this could save your organisation thousands of pounds.

Apple Classroom

We have also deployed Apple Classroom over the years, making use of Shared iPad technologies. Using booking systems, we can ensure your devices are timetabled and used to the maximum potential. We also offer training to staff on educational based apps that we have found have the most direct impact on teaching and learning outcomes. Find out more

Hardware Support

We also offer hardware support for iOS and MacOS devices. Whether you wish to cover each individual device, as a warranty extension, or you just want to us to help with diagnostic and repair, get in touch for a quote. We would be more than happy to help you solve any problem with your Mac device.

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