Egress Phishing Warning

Written by Darren Shaw

Published February 5, 2019

Please be aware of the latest “phishing” or fake e-mail doing the rounds – this appears to be targeting users of egress. Be careful as we know this is heavily used among schools.

Make sure the recipient in the TO box is legitimate, and also check the links in the e-mails are directing you to the correct website before trying to login. If you are unsure, logon using the below URL which will take you direct to egress – if the message is legitimate you will find it here.

Also note the incorrect colours – egress has updated from orange to blue, so this might help you spot a fake! If you haven’t done so already please review this training website – we all need to do our part to stay secure.

As a matter of good practice, before entering your login credentials into the browser check that the URL is correct, and secure as you would expect it to be. If you are being asked to login to Office 365, check the domain is correct. This should be either or