Backup And Disaster Recovery

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Steps To Take To Protect Your Data

When disaster strikes, it can be a time consuming process to recover essential services, especially whilst your organisation can come under intense scrutiny from the media, staff, partners and the wider public during an incident. It can be an extremely stressful time with negative media attention for failing to prepare. As the old saying goes, time is money, and every minute of downtime can have long lasting impact for your business. For schools, increased recovery times impacting on pupil’s education is only going to further anger parents demanding answers, and increase the frustration of the workforce.

Complete A Business Impact Analysis

Develop Strategies And Objectives

Outline Infrastructure And Inventory

Develop An Contingency Plan

Test Your Theory


Preventing Data Loss

Here at The Little IT Company, we look beyond the immediate impact and focus on recovering your critical servers and data as quickly as possible. With our backup and recovery solution, you can have your IT systems fully operational within 24 hours of a disaster taking place*.

Furthermore, as your servers and data are backed up in our secure cloud environment, you can confidently access them from any location, using any device.

Our solution will minimise disruption to your organisation in returning the school to normal operations in no time! Don’t leave yourself vulnerable, integrate the Little IT Company backup and recovery solution into your school’s business continuity plan today.


What People Are Saying

I had a hard drive malfunction at my recording studio that resulted in me loosing lots of clients studio session work. Luckily the team at the Little IT Company came to my aid and managed to restore the hard drive so I was able to recover the lost files.
Kris Connell

Decibel Technical Servies

I came to use my MacBook and realised the battery had exploded. The Little IT Company were able to recover my data and transfer it to my new laptop. They also setup cloud backups to keep my information safe. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting IT Support.
Sarah Troughton

Secondary School Teacher