Security Solutions

With online threats increasing by the day, now is the time to review your security solution and ensure it meets the modern day needs of your organisation.

Whilst security has been a real challenge for large organisations for a number of years, it is becoming an increasing threat and worry for even smaller customers. Hacker’s are using more and more sophisticated attacks, which if successful could lead to incredible consequences. From the potential for years worth of data loss, organisations could also find themselves lumbered with significant fines from the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR).

As well as targeting your client data, hackers are now attempting to encrypt user files. This so called “ransomware” will hijack a user’s computer or network, and render the files unusable until a fee is paid. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will get access to your files.

Whilst it will never be possible to prevent every single attack, there are a number of steps that organisations can take to secure their data and networks. Security experts will tell you that layered solutions are the only way to protect yourselves, which is a technical term for ensuring you have taken every possible precaution.

We highly recommend Sophos, as a leading provider of security solutions to UK organisations. Their security software is second to none, at affordable prices. Organisations buying the complete suite also benefit from additional integration tools to make every-day management easier.

Sophos offers it’s own firewall and web filtering solution. The sophisticated firewall not only keeps you safe, but it also has functionality to track everything your users do. 

Complete A Business Impact Analysis

Develop Strategies And Objectives

Ensure your network is regularly patched with the latest security updates

Audit your file servers and network restrictions to ensure they are appropriate

Use Sophos Intercept X to protect against ransomware