Use Microsoft Teams as your PHONE SYSTEM

A cloud phone system takes your business to the next level, Cloud 3CX offers a number of smart, feature-rich solutions that keep your communications clear and your business ahead of competitors.


The Little IT Company offer PSTN/Telephony services via our certified cloud gateways. This gives you the ability to port and use existing telephone numbers, purchase new numbers from anywhere in the UK or even around the world and route these numbers to their Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business clients & desk phones.


Previously, external calling within Microsoft Teams was only available with Microsoft’s Calling Plans in selected markets. By using The Little IT Company to route your calls over the internet, Direct Routing enables full phone system capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Office 365. A phone system in the cloud that provides all the features you expect from a traditional phone system; saving you the time and money you would spend to install and maintain and on-premises phone system.

Direct Routing from The Little IT Company is a fully managed, end-to-end service from a leading international voice provider. The Little IT Company’s network provider global reach connects your business to the world with full PSTN replacement in 40+ countries and number coverage in 100+ countries.

Using Direct Routing will almost always mean a much cheaper recurring price per user per month than Microsoft’s own Calling Plans, as it allows you to take advantage of cheaper call rates and user licenses. You only pay for the maximum number of concurrent calls that you need; helping businesses make big savings on their monthly telecommunications bills.


Direct Routing is primarily designed for organisations set on using Teams as a PBX, but looking for more flexibility than Microsoft’s pre-set calling plans. Any business that matches one of the following criteria is a strong candidate for considering Direct Routing.

A strong user of Teams

This one is obvious, but any business that is deeply embedded in using Microsoft Teams for internal communications can easily use the platform for their external communication too. This means less of a need for a separate PBX (and all the costs entailed) together with better integration between systems.

Limited in-house expertise

Any business with a smaller IT team (or none at all) may want external support when considering using Teams as a PBX. Experienced providers (like Gradwell) can give step by step account management and essentially install Direct Routing and any associated other equipment for you.

Wants more flexibility than Microsoft Calling

Microsoft’s own calling plan doesn’t offer much flexibility with absolutely no room for negotiation. Using Direct Routing, particularly for any business that makes a reasonable amount of outbound calls (and even more so if they are international) becomes the obvious choice.


True Unified Communications

Using Teams as a PBX is a huge step forward for businesses who like the idea of Unified Communications. Through the Direct Routing process, your Teams platform is converted into a fully-fledged business phone system with true unified communications capability.

By combining your business’ internal and external communications into one tightly-knit system, you create a simple, easy to use platform that has your calling, chat, meetings, file sharing and more in one convenient place.

Number Porting

Switching to Teams as a PBX doesn’t mean losing your old numbers. Keep your existing ones alongside any new DDIs you need. This is especially helpful for your business as you can keep your phone numbers, continuity and identity. You will also save time and money by not having to replace any systems, business materials or add extra lines and users. 

PBX and Calling Capabilities

Teams offers a host of features, including video meetings, file transfers, Office 365 integration and more. But converting Teams into your PBX via Direct Routing allows you to take advantage of voice and make and receive calls from Teams to landlines and mobiles. When you add voice and calling functionalities to Teams, you unlock PBX features and access to traditional call features. You get call features like call transfer, queues, holding, auto-attendant, location-based call routing, speed dial, simultaneous ringing, voicemail, Meeting Rooms and more.

Cost & Time Saving

Converting Teams into your PBX is cost and time effective. Rather than having to juggle multiple systems – like a business PBX, file sharing system and instant messaging platform – you get all three of these in one place by using Direct Routing.

Easy Administration

Direct Routing is a modern cloud-based telephony solution that integrates into Office 365. Transform how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, and email for an all-in-one communication solution.

Hassle Free Migration

Whether you are already using Microsoft Teams or completely replacing your existing phone system, we ensure a smooth and seamless migration to Microsoft Teams Phone System with Direct Routing. With decades of industry experience (both domestic and global), The Little IT Company’s team of expert engineers and dedicated account managers are here to make your switch to Direct Routing as stress-free as possible.


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